The wife, she is working

from home.

Spends all her time on the

cell phone.

Explaining directing correcting,

forgets to use

her indoor voice

when confronted by a

bad choice.


Daughter also working

from home,

isolated in her

bedroom alone,

computer connecting

her brain

with those colleagues as they


of plans, procedures and


desperately hoping to

avoid in-house



Up all night those grandkids

enjoying an early summer,

in bed they sleep past noon,

teenage slumber,

stare at the monitor screen,

digital classes taught,

teacher sincere, students

are not.

Mom works from home all day,

dad goes to work for now.

He needs the pay.


On the East Coast our grad

student and wife working

from apartment,

research curtailed, all labs

shut down, not just

his department.

He needs more data,

thesis is incomplete.

The dog sure is happy,

for attention and affection

are a fine treat.

Son paces the rooms,

taps the keyboard.

Focused, patient for now.

They will get through this thing,


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