Huckleberry ice cream

in a

tapered glass flute,

two spoons, one vanilla wafer.


Sky in the window

putting on a show,

drama and loud opinions

without commercial interventions.


Roaming with the bison

in Hayden Canyon.

Alpine lake blushes blue,

reflecting on all it sees.


Above a meadow

standing with spruce and pine

and forty strangers (photographers); comes

a Ranger, arms folded.

He leans into a pine.


Reflecting on some scenes

observed and felt,

memories of a blue hue,

serene as an alpine lake.


Or a fat cut-throat trout

slicing it’s way upstream

unaware of the bald eagle

in the quaking aspen tree.


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5 thoughts on “Vacation

  1. Beautiful video. Enjoyed

    1. Thank you Glad you enjoyed it

  2. Another beautiful poem, Steve! Gorgeous photos. It looks like Harry and I need to go to Yellowstone someday.

  3. Amazing photos loved the buffalo one

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