Crossing Victory

A long history

of breaking up fights.


Interlocking elbows

like a square dance,


Stan walks the puncher

away from the face


receiving the blows

for something it said.




Couple in a convertible,



to make a right turn.

Car in the crosswalk.


Stan making a left

onto Victory.


Second couple younger,

full of themselves,


have intention of

crossing Victory.


Young man smacks


on the ass.


Man in car,

gets out of car,

says something.


Stan slows to watch

as complete strangers



Sloppy wide arching

punches hit and miss.


Pedestrian and driver



male pride in the

wide eyes

of their women.


Strangers become

intimates on the street.


Behind the convertible

where they meet.


Stan slows to a stop,

yells at the driver.


“Get back in your car!”

The driver complies.


Traffic resumes,

honor is safe for now.




Dog fights, family feuds,

sporting disputes;


External conflicts,

Stan has the answers.


How does Stan respond

to internal dancers?

2 thoughts on “Crossing Victory

  1. Still thinking on this one Steve. I appreciate the finish, oh those internal dancers…hugs

    1. Thank you so much

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