Night Errand

He has thirty years

on Don Quixote.

His horse is a metal


It has rubber capped

feet and a metal tray

with two cup holders attached.

He is fortified with

seven goblets of white wine

and four hours of Fox News.  He can not

draw a clock when

he is sober.


She doesn’t know who

to blame, the

wine box is completely

drained and  nobody

on TV is addressing

this particular problem.

They jus make fun of

ill-conceived extremes

using repetitious memes.

She is upset,

consumed by a sense of endless loss

without any regret.


”Take your walker

we are out of wine.

Go as you are

pajamas are just fine.

I would go with you

but it would take too

long to put my makeup on.

Now go, be on your way!

Be careful, don’t spill my Chardonnay.”


At the hospital she

tells the doctor

her husband only had

one glass of wine.

Blood test confirms

a different story.

She is mad, losing control,

decides the doctor is

a Liberal.

She has the Fox News Blues

and they are still out of wine.

5 thoughts on “Night Errand

  1. Steve, This one was very easy to visualize, just like a recurring nightmare. Thanks for sharing, Toni

  2. Steve,
    This piece is readily recognizable and wonderfully disturbing. Well done!

  3. Very close to home… so sad…

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