Waste Management

George Spahn bought a ranch,

a movie set,

In 1948.

When you take out the trash,

does it feel

like a date?

Without the pretend town,

cowboys would have nowhere

to go.

They would just keep riding


The landscape, a familiar

character, romanticizes

the West.

Good verses evil,

the usual contest.


Twenty years and the set

comes alive.

Electric love and acid

buzzing like a

mad beehive.

Led by an angry clown,

outlaws run the town.


Cults are culture’s

guilty pleasures,

deviant, sometimes

dangerous; defiant

of norms.

A contrast

employing bombast,

offering hope and a

place to belong.

With a leader,

self absorbed and strong.


The damaged and discarded

find a home.

Organize organics.

Recycle when you can.

Categories of containers

separate us from our past.

A constant reminder

that nothing lasts.



1 thought on “Waste Management

  1. Manson was a very sick man who brainwashed so many. Very scary! So glad his reign didn’t last.

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