The Science of Defiance

What do we know for sure?  

If a character in a story, drama or comedy says, “I will never, ever buy Uncle Ted’s red pick-up truck” fifty-five to sixty percent of the audience knows, right then and there, in a scene about to unfold very soon, that same character will be seen driving Uncle Ted’s old red truck.

When the President makes a declarative statement, chances are pretty good that it’s the opposite of true.  There is a pattern easily recognized by fifty-five to sixty percent of the audience.

He says doesn’t believe the science behind climate change predictions; calls it a hoax.  What does he really think?  Maybe the President actually believes the predictions and wants to build the wall because life south of San Diego may be impossible for people, plants and wildlife in a few decades or less.  Perhaps he is concerned about the Great Northern Migration of the near-future.  

Otherwise he is just using hatred and fear of the other to stir up the emotions of people likely to support his re-election, while ignoring the real threat.

The red truck gets dinged up, or totaled and our character is really sad because he had become attached to it.

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  1. Great analogy!

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