String Theory

I’ll tell you what

and say again.

To tell the truth…

where to begin?

Got the ketchup 

mayonnaise blues.

My heart it is

heavy like stone.

The more I win

the more I lose.

And why do I

feel so alone?

Days of shame and

a game of chance.

In the chamber

just one bullet.

All this talk of

Russian romance.

Make more sense to

grow a mullet.

Work for the mob

not the masses.


I say I got

no boss of me.


Fans from famous



That’s what gives me

my energy.


Labels can be

sticky issues.


Just like toilet

paper tissues.



Fear of the other 

That’s my

bread and butter

Putin is a peer

Kim is a colleague 

I am not a

secret agent, man!

There is little secret to

my plan.

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