Fine Tooth (the story of a comb)

Los Angeles, 1990

Sure, Ginger and Mike were full of themselves, but they were also a little hungry.  Mike said “Hi” to Ringo Starr as they passed the drummer and his wife walking along Melrose Avenue.  Ginger shook hands with David Lee Roth.  He was very friendly.  He also shook Mike’s hand.

Ginger expressed her interest in Thai food.  Mike did not want to try Thai.  They took a booth at Johnny Rockets.

“Why do you suppose most, not all, but many fast food franchises have sexually suggestive names?” asked Ginger as she pushed the menu away.

“Maybe they want to be associated with a user-friendly experience,” Mike suggested.

“Or they are just trying to be cute and memorable,” added Ginger.  

“You’re cute,” said Mike.

He then pulled his new comb out of his pocket.  It was still in the plastic and cardboard package.  He separated the plastic from the paper backing and removed the comb.  Ginger picked up the his trash that littered the table and read out loud, “Goody Fine Tooth Comb.”

“When did you get this?” she asked.

“I stole it when we got gas”

“Why a Goody?” she wondered.

“What’s it matter?”

“Well, a Kent comb would make you a man of mystery with a strong secondary personality.” She continued, “If you had taken an unbreakable I would consider marriage.  But a Goody…what does that say about you?”


“Besides, a brush would be better for your hair.”

Mike was perplexed.  “How do you know so much about hair utensils?”

“My mom dresses hair.  You could call her a hair dresser or you could call her a beautician.”

“I’ll just call her Mrs. Woods,” Mike replied.

The hamburgers arrived.  Mike put the comb in his pocket.

When Mike went to the restroom Ginger was alone with her thoughts, which were mostly that she would have preferred Thai food.

Mike wet his hair and ran the comb through it for the last time.  He left the comb on the white porcelain sink in that restroom inside Johnny Rockets.


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  1. I enjoyed it. Short but sweet!

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