When the Wind Blows Scary

A wildfire is passion,

an all-consuming transaction 

of wind-driven rage

on dry woody sage

burning the chaparral

like a bad day in hell.


Climate inspired,

the fire’s desired

goal is to grow.

At night the hills glow.

Habitat compromised.

Non-survivors were surprised 

to be cremated 

while alive.


Homes surrender 

to the wind-blown ember.

Last year many horses died.

Now, a community’s pride,

a celebrity lion so clever

won’the cross the 101 again, ever.


Color of sandstone,

famous for the miles he roamed

and his navigational skills

from Malibu to the Simi hills.

Through a culvert under the freeway

one cool cat doing it his way.

Advocate for the imagination; 

did not survive the conflagration.



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