Dimpled eggs
on Pebble Beach
abused but not broken.

Light on-shore breeze
blows the clothes of well-
heeled swells.

Polo shirts balloon less
than button down cotton Hawaiian
floral prints.

From Carmel to Cambria,
cliff side, ocean side,
slow ride.

Each curve a new view.
ocean, white, green
and blue.

Down below riverlets
ooze out of rocks,
shiny in the sun.

Purple ribbons of sand
run through some of these
shimmering slivers of fresh, clear water.

Little fingers trace the
path of said strange sand.
Mom takes a picture.

Carmel to Cambria,
two legs, one journey.
Inside, the essence of eternity.

Moonstones of Cambria
quested. Tiny treasures

Dead dry old skin shed
from a snake. Smooth new
exterior revealed.

Mud creek made a mess.
Engineers were up to the

The snake that is Highway One
has fresh skin
once again.

Big Sur is open and ready to
renew the story that is
inside of you.

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