L’Chaim (to life)

Impulsive, fearless, cowards, myopic, obsessive, and sad. Anti-aging schemes knocking at the door.

The pedantic, romantic, and semantic. I will teach you who will miss me when I am gone. Nobody understands me, so long.

Doug, aged 24, tied his necktie to the door of the restroom in a restaurant after he excused himself from his fiancé, with whom he was arguing.

Sharon ate a handful of her husband’s epilepsy pills. “Life isn’t what I expected”. She was 25, a graduate of the University of Oregon.

Ron over-medicated one night. Note said, “You win”.

Another Ron drank himself to death. Does that count?

Two by bullet, one 24, the other 52.

These are people I once knew.

They rejected themselves, temporarily confused inner-selves, hurt and abused.

And then the news, a celebrity, living the good life, is gone. Not as sad as Robin Williams, but still a shock when so many struggle to survive and belong.

Goodbye Anthony and your Movable Feast. So honest and earnest. Hemingway at least would understand. But don’t expect him to give a damn. And another thing, killing yourself does not make you him.

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