A gentle breeze blew down from the north, bending the tall, newly greened grass on the southern hillside into sweeping waves, like a song without sound. It was a welcoming sight, to see the invisible in real-time.

White, grey and dark clouds floated above us.

There had been a late March rain after months of drought.

Spring could be seen, and it could be heard.

On Saturday, April 7th, the DWP graciously opened the Chatsworth Nature Preserve to the public to celebrate Earth Day. Thousands of nature-friendly outdoor enthusiasts with walking sticks and REI gear, sunscreen and cameras, attended the annual event. I did not want to tell any of the Earth advocates that Earth Day was actually April 22nd this year, as it has been every year since 1970. Maybe “Earth April” would help eliminate such confusion. Considering all it’s up against, the Earth could use more than one day to make its case.


The 1,325 acre preserve was established as a wildlife area in 1997 by the Los Angeles City Council. The property is owned by the Department of Water & Power. This event happens just once a year. Exhibitors and guests are allowed the opportunity to experience, up close, a beautiful expanse of fenced-in land that many of us drive by, looking in from the outside.


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