To lift the spirit,
honestly listen
with sincerity
or something near it.

There’s this friend of mine,
supports ethical
inclinations of
dubious design.

Then there’s another,
uses sarcasm,
calls me liberal
and a tree hugger.
He drinks tequila,
sopa de tortilla,
to Deportees, says,
“Adios, see ya!”


Russians and racists,
and environmental rapists
won the day,
are here to stay.

Mexicans and Muslims,
Gypsies and Jews,
seen this movie before,
seems it got bad reviews.

So what do you do when
people with problems,
people you knew for years,
drop their guard;
exposing hateful views and
deplorable positions of mean-spirited ambitions?
What do you do?
What’s that smell on your shoe?

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