Ranch Dressing


All sages are salvias unless the sage is not a plant. Orrin Sage was a rancher in the early part of the last century. Sage Ranch is a wonderful wilderness area in the eastern Simi Hills uplands, with hiking trails, eye catching rock outcroppings and little oak trees in protective wire cages dotting a mildly sweeping grassy slope.

Not so long ago, on a Saturday, the Sky Valley Volunteers, under the inspirational direction of project leaders Wendi Gladstone and John Luker, met at Sage Ranch to plant seventy Southern Coast Live Oak seedlings. Besides the regular volunteers, there were students from Taft High School and a family of four who were hiking by and decided to join in. They thought they were planting trees, which they were, but there was also a lot of hope and love for all things wild and good taking root that day.

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  1. One of our favorite places to hike and spend an afternoon.

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