Master Gardener

Red yellow milkweed.
A kaleidoscope
of rice paper wings,
flower bright flappers,
quiet and serene.
They dance on a breeze
of their own making.
See them animate
the blue butterfly
bush that always made
her cough when she trimmed
it back in the fall.
Cough, cut cut, cough cough.
Butterflies yes but
was the hummingbirds
captured her passion;
liked the color scheme
and small bird fashion.
Syrup and nectar,
feeders and flowers,
garden obsession,
a complex display
of performance art.
Portrait expression,
picture of Eden,
so very sacred,
his ashes spread around.
She still considered
his fine opinion
whenever she broke ground.
Often wondered while
taking it all in
did the garden give
him comfort and joy?
Now she can ask him
for she is at rest.
They are forever
together again.
Dust in the garden
Spirits on the wing.


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