They took a break
from a year in Chico
to fish with Grandpa in
the counties of Mono and Inyo.

Spinner cast and retrieved
like a yo-yo.
Owens River droplets
tossed aside
after hitching a ride
on eight pound test.
The grandson, age thirteen, hoping
to be blessed with a
bigger trout than all the rest.
Grandfather hoping to catch a nap.

The dad ties a Number
5 red Mepps with a gold
spoon onto his line.

“The water is high.”
“Never seen it higher.”
“Need something heavy.”
“Alright, I’ll try a Number 3 Martin.”

It was one of the
wettest years, second
hottest on record, and
even more so in Chico.
The rain was insane,
and then it got crazy.
The heat so oppressive it
made type A’s lazy.
A soaked hillside slid into
the ocean at Big Sur.
Lake Oroville so heavy with rain
the dam had to rupture.

They raised chickens in
Chico for eggs and amusement.
Went down to the
brewery for attitude

Now they had purpose
beyond school, work and

Down Five Bridges Road
it’s time for serious

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