Deuces Wild

Walden Pond in Concord, Massachusetts, USA.

Two years, two months, two days observation.
Harvard Grad alone without distraction.
Transcendentalist working vacation,
A deep and personal interaction,
With the world of nature a mile from town.
Marching ants battle for a piece of ground,
Draws comparisons simple and profound.

Tribal survival regardless of cost.
The authority of the four seasons,
Resurrection from the decay of the lost,
”Stop the machine” if you have good reasons.
Two degrees from two universities.
Walden School may have lacked diversity.
It’s only student beat obscurity.

From Cambridge to Concord a nice short drive.
”Two degrees, catastrophic,” says the son.
They are disappointed when they arrive,
Walking around the woods might have been fun.
Walden Pond and Park is full for the day.
Don’t Park, don’t even stop, be on your way.
”More than two degrees fahrenheit, they can’t say.”

Walden Pond


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