He can bring a smile
To a stranger’s face.


Window rolls down and
A head pops out,
Random driver is
Compelled to shout.


Nice Dog! Awesome Dog!
Beautiful! Where did
You get it? Thanks we
Say, taking credit.


Confronted daily
By young and old. Can
I pet it? Up to
Him. They are told.


What kind? Some ask, lost
In their own dogs past.



He’s a cross between
Wolf and a flower.
He’s a poem with all
Of a poem’s power.


A rescue with a
Backstory unknown.
Homeless, he wandered
Alone, on his own.


Personal trainer,
So self reliant.
Can pace a runner,
Motivate a client.


Two blue eyes, wild and
Wise. Ready to play.


Siberian Husky
Age unknown


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