Ghost Particles

On a Quest,
Had a craving.
An uncertain desire –
Searching for something,

A cannoli from Mike’s?
No, not now.
Lobster Roll from Legal
Good idea. Have to eat
But the Quest remains
The passion focusing the
Brain can only be satisfied
With something that matters.

A Neutrino, little neutral one,
I overheard someone say.
So excited, that enthusiasm
Was infectious. But first,
Some tacos from Texas
At Lone Star Taco Bar.

Up that road to Kendall
Square. I asked around,
But nobody seemed to care.

I asked anyone that didn’t
Walk away. What is the matter?
Like conspirators who had
Never met or spoke. They,
To a person , would not
Admit to seeing a Neutrino.

So I took the Red Line
To see my favorite Kennedy.
At the Kennedy museum.
They had many Kennedys,
Two Joes, two Johns,
A Bobby and a Jackie, a Ted
And of course Caroline.

Out on the green grass
There is a blue and white sailboat

Only Caroline knows a time
When ghost memories put
Their faces to the wind
And the brine with their
Hair flying away like Brain Matter.

NLJFK 03-DIG-01-Victura 25 Sep 2003

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